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Hessian Sandbags, 100 Bags

Hessian Sandbags, 100 Bags

Product model BAGG008
Hessian Sandbags (100 Bags) are tough and durable keeping sand contained whilst controlling and limiting the flow of flood water. They are cost effective and environmentally friendly.
  • Dimensions: 330mm(w) x 760mm(l)
  • 20kg capacity per bag
  • 100 bags supplied without sand
  • Tie string at mouth
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Hessian Sandbags (100 Bags) are a popular form of flood protection as they are cheap, effective and environmentally friendly.

Manufactured from a woven jute material, these hessian sandbags provide the strength and support required to minimise flood damage to homes and businesses by controlling and limiting the flow of flood water.

  • Dimensions: 330mm(w) x 760mm(l)
  • Made from a woven jute material
  • 20kg capacity per bag
  • 100 bags supplied without sand
  • Tie string at mouth
  • Tried, tested and effective means of creating a flood barrier

In addition to flood protection and prevention, sandbags can also be used for stabilising and weighing down traffic signs and other lightweight items.

Benefits of using hessian sandbags for flood defense

  • Economical
  • Easy to use, deploy and transport (without training)
  • Creates an effective barrier against flood water
  • Can also be used for a number of non-flood related uses
  • Made from a biodegradable jute woven material

How to use sandbags for flood defense

Sandbags, when used correctly, can be very effective in diverting flood water away from domestic and commercial premises.

Fill the sandbags with sand

  • Fill the bag half way full to give the sand adequate space to move and mould with the surface it is placed on i.e. the ground or other sand bags
  • Don’t have access to a bagging tool? This will be a two man job (one to hold the bag open and one to fill)

Positioning the sand bags

  • Clear any debris from the area where the bags are to be placed
  • Put a large sheet of heavy-duty plastic between the sandbags and the wall of your house to create a water proof seal
  • Place the bags lengthways, tucking the open end under the filled half of the bag and position it pointing into the direction of water flow
  • Place bags in layers, like a brick wall making sure that in the next layer each bag overlaps the one below by half

STAMP bags firmly into place to eliminate gaps and create a tight seal

Placing sandbags in doorways

  • Empty some of the contents out or shape the sandbags to achieve a good fit without overlapping

Pyramid placement method

If you need to create sandbag protection that is more than three layers high you will need to build in a pyramid style.

  • Build the ‘sandbag wall’ three times as wide as you need it to be high to make sure it is stable
  • Compact each bag into place and tuck the loose end firmly under the filled portion of the bag

Add extra waterproofing

  • Lay plastic sheeting across the side of the sandbag wall on the water side
  • Weigh down with additional sandbags

Please note: Whilst sandbags are an extremely effective tool in the fight against flood water they are not completely water tight.

Product Model : BAGG008
Range : Sandbags and Hydrosacks

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