During a Flood – What to Do and Who Can Help

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Stay calm
It is natural to panic when you hear a flood warning. However, try to stay calm and everything else will seem much easier. You are also more likely to remember everything you need to do if you are calm.

Contact local authorities
Your council may be able to supply sandbags in an emergency. The Environment Agency or the Scottish Environment Protection Agency may work with local partners to distribute sandbags.
They are also in charge of maintaining flood defences and are responsible for issues flood warnings.

Coping during a flood - CSI Flood Products

Set up defences
Next, you should begin to set up flood protection. Put sandbags at every door, window and airbrick. If you have flood guards, set these up at each door.

Turn off electricity
Turn off your electricity, gas and water supplies. This will help to prevent contamination of your water supply and will cut down on the risk of fire.

Consider evacuation
If flooding is a danger, you may want to evacuate your home. If this is the case, fire and police services will help coordinate this. Local authorities will likely operate shelters in cases of large scale flooding.

The fire service will also be able to pump flood water out of flooded properties, although there may be a charge for this service.

Getting back to normal
After a flood, there will still be a lot to do to get things back to normal. Your home and contents insurance company will be able to help.

The Citizen’s Advice Bureau will be able to give you advice about making insurance claims, and will be able to help you obtain money in an emergency.

There is a lot of help available during a flood from emergency services, local authorities and specialised agencies. Friends and family can also be a great help in an emergency and will help you get back on your feet much faster.

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